Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Smart TV Billboard Apps released on Samsung TV Smart Hub App Store and Google Play for TV

Use your Android device to create and upload billboards for display on your TV with Google TV or Samsung Smart TV. Design impressive slides with text and images in a few easy steps. Use them to display messages, presentation screens or commercial billboards (... or impress your guests with a welcome message in the living room).

A simple 5 digit code will connect your Android device to your Smart TV device if they are on the same wireless connection. Search for "stvbwsi" to find the apps on Google Play for TV's and on Samsung SmartHub TV Apps.

Supported media streaming devices for TV: Assus Cube with Google TV, Eagle Android TV Box, Hisense Pulse Google TV, LG Google TV, Logitech Revue, Netgear NeoTV Prime, Samsung SmartTV SmartHub, Sony Bravia Smart Stick, Sony Internet TV, Sony Google TV Internet Player, Vizio VAP430.

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