Saturday, October 20, 2012

Journal Notes Apps - usage tips part 2

The Double Tap - similar to the double click on the mouse, the double tap comes in handy to quickly open a note from the split screen view to the full screen read view. Tap twice anywhere in the Split Screen and the currently displayed note will open in a new Read Screen.

The Swipe - used to navigate to the next or to the previous note. A short horizontal swiping gesture in the Read Screen will display the adjacent note. A swipe to the left will display the next note and a swipe to the right will display the previous note. An "End" message will appear after the first or the last notes in the list.


  1. Wizard Solutions, please remove the advertising that is annoying. I will give 3 stars, if you remove the ad

  2. The free app Diary Notes Multimedia has the option to remove the ads.

    Wizard Solutions