Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Journal Notes Multimedia - usage tips Part 1

- the "long press" or context menu - a useful Android input method, very handy when many options are available on a screen that's already filled with items. The long press is used on the Edit screen of Journal Notes Multimedia to open the Delete option for images displayed in the Gallery.

- the "short press" or screen tap is available in parts of the screen that may be hard to guess: tapping on the date displayed in edit mode will open a date selector to change the date of the note; tapping the little red/green boxes of the ToDo checkbox will change the status of the ToDo.

- the new Calendar View will display the number of notes and the number of ToDo items for each day in the Calendar box. The number of notes is marked "n" and it displays the total number of notes for that day, including ToDo items. The number of ToDo's is marked "t" and it displays only the number of ToDo's.

- the Save to SD Card feature will save only one note including all the multimedia files attached to it. The note will be saved in a directory named after the date the note was recorded

- the NFC Tag detection feature can be started in two ways: from the Add Features menu of a Note or   by scanning a Tag directly with the phone. If an NFC Tag is touched with the phone, it will present a menu of applications capable of reading it and at this point, Journal Notes will automatically scan it in a new note.

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